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Personalised Diet & Workout Programs

Only On Demand

3 Month

US $350 / INR 28000

Our most popular Fit With Amar Online Personal Training package, fantastic value and long enough to really see and feel your best results.

Most Popular

6 Months

US $600 / INR 48000

Our best value training package option for those wanting to lock in the price for the long haul.


Experience the most effective online personal training system on the planet to achieve the body transformation results


No matter where you are in the world, our tailored transformation program gives you the same proven methods, data-driven approach and culture of accountability that have helped thousands of clients achieve remarkable results globally.

Results to expect

How our online personal training model works


No matter where you are in the world, our tailored online program gives you the maximum results in minimum time.


Fitness, Nutrition & Lifestyle assessment to design the unique program to achieve your goals.


Get your personalised workout and nutrition program tailored to you and your goals.


Continuous personal support from Amar via Email & WhatsApp. Ask unlimited questions


Monthly comprehensive check-ins to track your progress and update your program depending on last four weeks progress.


I will be with you every step of the way to keep you honest and accountable, ensure you are maximising your progress and potential, and give you the expertise.


Achieve the absolute maximum results in minimum time with our world-class online personal training model.


You will learn everything about nutrition and workout so that you can have long term maintaining results.

Start your transformation 
journey with us today...

What our client says

Thousands of clients have entrusted us with their health over the years and achieved life-changing results. See what our clients say about their time at Fit with Amar in their own words…


“My self-esteem was as low as it could be. I was avoiding at all costs having to go out and get dressed as nothing would fit me except my size 18 work trousers.This transformation has changed me massively, mentally more than physically. I feel so much more confident and happier, and I feel like there is nothing that I can’t achieve.”

- Pooja

Start your transformation 
journey with us today...

Why we are The best in
Online Personal Training 

When it comes to the practical, real-world application of proven fat loss methods, Fit With Amar has no equal. Our programs are rooted in science and guided by experience. It might not be ‘sexy’, but our success comes from simplicity. We value careful planning, attention to detail and consistency.


You only need to look at the incredible results achieved by countless clients who have faithfully followed the Fit With Amar methodology to see how it can work for anyone. Our world-leading results are built on five key cornerstones:


Goal Setting

We take a scientific approach for you goals. This start from helping you form clear , measurable and attainable goals, then layout the roadmap to get you there. Whatever your goal is fat loss, muscle gain, improve health. This is the first step where we do comprehensive fitness, nutrition and lifestyle assessment then design the program from your current state.

Start your transformation 
journey with us today...

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