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Who is Amar ?

Fit With Amar , NASM Certified personal trainer, Nutritionist , weight loss specialist

My name is Amar ( Former Paramilitary Officer ), and i am the founder of Fit With Amar. I resigned my job and then completed my education from National Academy of sports medicine. I am a certified personal trainer, Nutritionist, Corrective Exercise Specialist , Weight loss specialist , Registered yoga teacher and pilates trainer. Now i use my skills, knowledge , experience and my own journey to help others.

I care about my clients, and there's nothing more important to me than helping somebody go through an experience than makes them happy, confident and strong, i know how being overweight affects your whole life, and i want to be there for those who want to bring about change. I want to help you discover the benefits of training that has helped so many people and i am here to guide you step by step.

I understand life can be hectic and it's often tough to find out time for workout. I've been there myself and i've make every excuse going now. I use my experience and knowledge to design a program which is manageable , effective , goal oriented and fun to do.

I've been qualified for more than 7 years now, and in that time I've worked with more than 500 clients personally and designed tailored program for more than 2000 clients that works with their daily lifestyle.

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