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If You're Frustrated or Disappointed with the Way Your Body Looks and Feels… Fret no more, because...

 The 6 Week Body Transformation Program that Literally Forces Your Body to Melt Away 5-8 kilos of Stubborn Body Fat WITHOUT Starving Yourself or Suffering Long Boring Cardio Workouts!

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It Doesn't Matter What Shape You Are in Now...

Anyone Can Use This Simple System to Lose Unwanted Body Fat FAST!

There are 2 things my program have;

1. A nutrition plan that was simple and easy to follow. You can’t overcomplicate things when you’re personally overseeing 200 clients, I knew the simpler I could make it, the more people would follow it through to the end.


2. The workouts had to be catered to all fitness levels, from the newbie just getting started to my most experienced clients, it had to challenge everyone, no matter what their fitness levels were.

Unlike Fad Diets and Insane Workouts...
This System Will Permanently Transform Your Body!

This misinformation and lies are the reason you’re not getting the results you deserve and the reason you don’t have the sexy, toned body you desire.

  • It’s NOT because you’re not trying hard enough

  • It’s NOT because you don’t have the willpower

  • It’s NOT because of your age

  • It’s because you’re being lied to by the food industry

Everyone has… think about it – why are 2/3rds population is overweight?

Home Weight Loss.001.tiff
Dumbbell Weight Loss.001.tiff
Gym Weight Loss.001.tiff

What do i get in this Program ?

I have designed 6 Weeks program for people who are looking for faster and sustainable results. 6 weeks home workouts program in which you don't need any equipment, it has only bodyweight workouts which you can do in the comfort of your home and even while travelling, Second program will be of 6 Weeks Dumbbell Workouts program where you need pair of dumbbell according to your strength , additionally another 6 Weeks complete gym program. I have designed these programs for people who are looking to lose weight / fat and get stronger. In all programs you will get detailed Structured workout plan with progression, ( 5-6 workouts per week ) ( 45-60 min each )  with attached exercise videos , Meal plan , Grocery shopping list  with 4 E-books of recipes. You can finish the program at your own pace. You can repeat these programs as many times as you want. All programs are simple but challenging and suitable for all fitness levels with beginner friendly. You can expect weight / fat loss , strength , endurance in each program.

Who can join these programs ?

  • Those who want to Shed unwanted body fat in those trouble areas including your tummy, thighs and arms and get spontaneous compliments from friends and loved ones.

  • Those who are not truly satisfied with their body and health.......

  • Those who are not proud of their body when go to beach........

  • Those who are not happy with the reflection they see when look in the mirror......

How will i get the Access ?

Once you made the purchase , you will get instant invoice and program on your email. If you do not receive the program please contact me ( ). You will also get a WhatsApp number to stay in touch with Amar and ask your queries. You will get the program in E-Book with attached video which you can download and keep them for lifetime,  additionally 4 E-Books of recipes ( High Protein Recipes ( 111 pages ) , Low Carb Recipes ( 88 Pages ) , Vegetarian Recipes ( 125 pages ), Vegan Recipes ( 88 Pages )

I Need Videos! Are there Videos ?

I got it ! I love videos, too. Each exercise links to a video demonstration from my exercise library database.

Do i have to pay weekly / monthly subscription ?

Nope ! You'll just pay a one time fee of US$ 24 / INR 1888 + Tax. And you get the lifetime access. You can repeat the program as many times as you want.

Just Think... 42 Days From Now You Will be 6 Weeks Older & Possibly a Few Kilos Heavier, OR… You Can Lose 5-8 Kilos, Feel Great About Yourself & Have Heaps More Energy… It's Your Choice.

You see, you only get one shot at life and one chance to take opportunities when they present themselves.


Life is short and you’ve been struggling to lose weight for far too long… the pain of not taking action today will only lead to more frustration and despair tomorrow.

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